The Project

Simply put, the goal of this project is to re-introduce Camera Work to the world. We strive to make the publication physically and financially accessible while simultaneously preserving the fragile original issues. The facsimiles serve these purposes.
The original issues are over 100 years old and very fragile. The paper used for the covers has become brittle with age and will deteriorate more each time the issue is manipulated. The very delicate photogravures printed on Japanese paper are also subject to deterioration upon handling. The less they are handled, the better.
Beyond their physical state, the original issues cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to own and so are not readily accessible for the masses. Original copies are in very limited supply; few institutions or individuals have a complete set. As far as we know, one cannot find the many of the 50 issues at an affordable price. 

Numerous books have been written about Camera Work and an even greater number mention the publication as a narrative staple in the history of photography. One cannot write about the history of photography without writing about Camera Work. 

Having a modern copy of each of the 50 issues in your hands will allow you to see and read the content of each without the fear of damaging your originals if you have any. The aim of this project is to provide schools, teachers, students, museums, libraries, collectors, appraisers, auction houses, and individuals with a high quality reproduction of the originals at a reasonable price.

Photographer and photogravure admirer Pierre Vreyen has published, for the first time, a high quality, facsimile of all 50 issues. He incorporated high-resolution scans made from each original Camera Work plate and painstakingly reproduced each page as close to the original as possible. One can now read and appreciate every single page published by Alfred Stieglitz in his photographic quarterly. It took two years to digitize, clean, and color correct all 3924 pages and covers. The result of such meticulous work is a faithful facsimile publication. A bonus new issue, number 51, was created and is a table of content of all previous 50 numbers.